Benzo Gel

Benzo Gel 5% 30 g
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Benzoyl peroxide 5% gel is an antibacterial ingredient that gets into your skin to give spotless and acne-free skin. The active ingredients of Benzo Gel 5% may have a mild drying effect on your skin that enables your skin to get rid of excess oil, dirt, and polluted elements. With this topical gel on the skin post-application, you can help easily get away from skin-affecting elements.

This Benzoyl peroxide topical gel is an anti-bacterial medicinal ingredient that helps in treating acne formation on the skin. The frisky acne and pimples appearing all over the face, back and chest can be irritating. Buy Benzo 5% acne treatment gel to apply to the affected areas of your skin to kill acne-causing bacteria.

Benzo Gel 5% can be used for acne treatments alone or in combination with other medication. This medicated gel should be applied over clean and dry areas only. Therefore, ensure to wash and dry the affected area before applying this gel. Avoid applying this medication on the damaged or wounded skin. Also, avoid close contact with this gel with your mouth, nose, and eyes. This gel may not show an effective result of single use. Hence, it is recommended to continuously use this medication under expert observation. This medication is highly reactive to the skin. Refrain from exposing your affected skin to sun rays or heat. This gel may bleach your fabric and hair so please be careful to avoid contact with hair, eyebrows, or your clothes. Those with sensitive skin should ensure consulting the doctor before using Benzoyl peroxide gel 5%.

Benzoyl peroxide gel 5% is an organic compound having keratolytic properties. It means, it has the ability to even out the uneven layer of the skin. Those with acne on the skin can apply this gel to the affected area. The active components release oxygen within the skin to kill the bacteria while curing acne formation.

Side Effects:
Since this medication is applied topically, those with sensitive skin might feel redness of the skin, dry skin, itching, burning sensation on application, peeling of the skin, etc. However, do not ignore these common side effects. If the intensity is high or longing, ensure to see your doctor for an opinion.

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