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Orals versus Injectables, whats the difference?

Orals versus Injectables?

The basic difference between these two types is that orals are active and ready in the
pill so that the body can use them while the 17AA is still attached. Injectables that have
esters (with the exception of Winstrol that does not have an ester) are not active and
cannot be readily used by the body, not until the liver enzymes cleave (cut) the ester
chain off. It is only then that the steroid can and does work in the body. Eventually, it
gets broken down (metabolized) by the liver.

The ester chain's placement interferes with the anabolic steroid docking in the cell's
androgen receptors, and need to be removed before the anabolic can dock at the
receptor sites or be broken down by the liver. The 17AA of orals do not interfere with
docking at the cell receptor sites and will allow the hormone to dock with the Androgen
receptor without modification.