Turanabol (Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone) characteristics?

Date: January 14th, 2023

Turanabol (Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone)

Developed in the early part of the 1960's, Turanabol has low androgenic effect but with
high anabolic activity. On a scale of 1 to 100, oral Turanabol (also known as OT or Tbol) gets a grade of 6 on the androgenic side while 53 on anabolic aspect. To compare,
Dianabol gets 45 for androgenic and 90 for anabolic. This shows that it has relatively
lower effect than Dianabol, and thus may not be a good steroid option when you're after
accelerated gains in strength, weight and muscle mass. However, this does not mean
that you cannot gain something out of OT. True, the gains are not that significant in
terms of bulk, but the gains will surely be of ideal quality.


Many consider OT as a cross between Dianabol and Anavar, as far as effects and
side effects are concerned. Followers of this drug say that OT is really a fusion of the
best characteristics of Dianabol and Anavar sans their negative points. The end
products is Oral Turanabol – a 'clean' bulking compound.

OT is compared to Clostebol because they both have a 4-chloro alteration. The 4-
chloro alternation prevents OT from interacting with the aromatase enzyme. OT's
non-interacion with this enzyme prevents it from converting to estrogen, inhibiting

Because it does not undergo aromatization, estrogenic side effects like gyno and
water retention are avoided. And this is what makes OT better than its sister
compound Dianabol, because the former produces quality muscle gains, i.e. harder
and denser muscles. In short, OT is as good at bulking as Dianabol, but without the
watery gains. As for its quality gains vis-avis Anavar's, OT wins because it gives more
actual weight gain. 'Dry and lean' usually describe the gains OT provides.

Also, this compound does not interact with the 5-alpha reductase enzyme, a very
ideal characteristic of streroids. This enzyme is responsible for converting
testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Some negative effects of steroid use are
being attributed to DHT (especially in cases of higher dosages) including alopecia
(hair loss) and acne.

Another notable characteristic of OT is that it can be easily broken down by the body;
hence, excretion is equally easy. This makes OT ideal for athletes who need to
undergo drug testing. This same characteristic is what has made it ideal for the East
German athletes back then (read OT's history below for more info on this) since they
were able to use it right under the nose of their competitors and sports officials.

Just how quickly can you be 'cleared' of OT? Anecdotal evidence says that five days
after discontinuance, you're guaranteed of testing negative in drug screening. That is,
if you're only taking OT and use 10-15 tabs a day. A deviation from this, of course,
may yield different results. Studies of male users did not show any serious health
issues when they are administered with 10 mg of OT a day over a period of six

OT is a 17-alpha-alkylated steroid, which improves its oral bioavailability. However,
this alteration can be harmful to the liver, especially if ingesting higher dosages at
prolonged periods of time. With OT you can have ideal results with just 50 mg per
day. There is still, nonetheless, the need for you to have your liver functions checked


Here's a little, but still interesting, historical background on Oral Turanabol
commencing in the 1960's. The Germans, specifically the East Germans, have
always been at the forefront of development of steroids as well as these drugs'
introduction to the world of athletics. The sporting success of the former German
Democratic Republic (GDR) was backed by state-run drug program called State Plan
1425. To demonstrate its dominance in the world of sports, GDR snagged 384
Olympic medals from 1972-1988, not including the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los
Angeles, which the former socialist state had boycotted.

Its use was well documented. To determine OT's effects on strength, speed and other
aspects of athletic training, scientists, physicians, and coaches have undertaken
exhaustive documentation on athletes who were administered with OT. State Plan
1425 involved about ten thousand athletes. When the program went under after the
fall of the Berlin Wall, subsequently Jenapharm - OT's original manufacturer, ceased
production of this drug. The company has been since beset by legal controversies
regarding its participation in the former GDR's doping program. Currently, Jenapharm
is a subsidiary of Schering AG.

However, because of its reputation as an effective steroid, OT has reappeared on the
'roid scene'. It's the logical thing to happen, considering there is still a great demand
for this compound and there are enterprising individuals willing to supply that demand
(for a price, of course).


OT has anabolic activities equal or greater than testosterone, but with little or no
androgenic side effects. The gains may not be as dramatic or sudden you may get
from aromatizable or more androgenic compounds, but you can be assured that you
get qualitative gains. This makes it popular among both male and female users.

Athletes generally stack OT with Parabolan and Winstrol Depot, and they yield hard
and sharply-defined muscles, especially after dieting and use of fat burners
(Clenbuterol, Ephedrine), a period when the body's fat content is at a low level.
Running OT with Test enanthate is also a common stacking practice and gives
favorable results. Bodybuilders usually use 8-10 of thew 5 mg tablets (around 40-50
mg/day) and report great feedback.

Users are cautioned against taking this drug for more than six weeks to avoid liver
damage. Studies show that liver enzymes remain within normal ranges on a dose of
10 mg per day of OT. Women are advised to take not more than 15 mg a day of OT to
avoid masculinizing symptoms.

Other side effects you should be aware of, are erectile dysfunction, indigestion, and
blood clotting dysfunction, especially if you're predisposed with these conditions.
Remember that these conditions may arise IF you:


  • Don't follow the recommended dosage and cycle.
  • Don't consult with medical professional.
  • Don't practice caution in acquiring steroids.
  • Don't monitor the body's physiological changes.

With anabolic steroids use, you may feel and look invincible,but you're not!
Steroids can benefit you only if you're an informed and cautious user.